A simple quiz

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU, dear readers. Take a look at this 30-second video, then answer the question below. If you can’t see this video, click here.  What’s the first thought that popped into your head? A.  Wow, where DOES he get his fearless athletic abilities? B.  You are so lucky to have a future Jackass star in…

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This mother’s prayer for today: Please never stop saying eleventeen. *     *     * If this rings true, you might like these oldies but goodies: Resilience and Deaf Ears.

See also: “totally bogus”

Things that are “ANNOYING” to a busy 8-year-old boy: • Mom’s No-Fart-Jokes-at-the-Dinner-Table rule • Double-knotted laces when I’m trying to rip off my shoes without untying them • Spelling rules • Spelling tests • Stupid pencils with no stupid erasers when I have to study for stupid spelling tests • Big sisters who think they know everything about mythology when…

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Next lesson: What is lame?

Things that are “BORING” to a saucy 3-year-old: • Shoes that are not flip-flops • Any non-beige food item • Books involving happy bunnies • Carseats • Running errands without a lightsaber or other weapon • Having your photo taken • Leaving the house when Mom seems rushed • Television shows designed for 3-year-olds • Lego sets designed for 3-year-olds…

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So this happens at least a few times every day around here… Our future Cato (“My little yellow friend, I am home!”) ducks into a shadow, waits for his prey, then pounces on some unsuspecting victim. The results? Often there are dropped bags, occasionally salty words, usually squeals of laughter. But no matter what, there is always, always a very…

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Singing the blues

Sometimes you just need to put your truest feelings into song… If you can’t see this video, click here. *     *     * In other exciting video news…the videos from Austin’s Listen to Your Mother show are now online, along with the nine other U.S. cities. There is so much talent and goodness here! Pour yourself a cup of whatever, dive…

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Look again

What you should know about this photo: 1. This scene happens every single day around here. 2. I feel something new every time I look at it: joy, admiration, empathy, gratitude, love. And today: jealousy. *     *     * Like this? You might like these too. My kids have a knack for teaching me something new about mothering, focusing or injecting…

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Plan B

Let’s hear it for the child who, after requesting an elaborate nature hike, is perfectly content with a random field of weeds. *     *     * Like this post? You will probably enjoy this one or this one. (Both with favorite photos.)


Yet another example of why toys are overrated… Inspired? You might also like these posts about blast-offs, artificial intelligence and artistic vision.

On target

You can take away the iPhone and the Angry Birds, but you can’t take away a boy’s need to hurl things through the air with only the sheer force of his creativity. *     *     * Like this post? You’ll probably dig this one or this one. Oh, and definitely this one.