“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard wrote that and I tattooed it on my brain. Every moment, no matter its size, adds up to the rich bulk of our lives. I’m a big believer in relishing the small stuff, because of course that’s usually the big stuff in disguise.

I love to help businesses, non-profits and families tell their stories through compelling words and images. My work has appeared in print, online and on stage. Most recently I’ve been writing profiles of local leaders for Leadership Austin and Austin Parks Foundation, which has allowed me to meet an incredible variety of people in our community.

I have shared my personal stories in essays and live storytelling settings. You can find some of my work on my blog and at Huffington Post, BlogHer, Readers’ Digest and Babble’s Best of Anthology. One of my favorite essays, On Being Nine, was selected as a BlogHer Voices of the Year and was published in their Voices of the Year Anthology.

In 2011 I was a member of the inaugural cast of Austin’s Listen to Your Mother show, an acclaimed national series of live stage productions featuring stories about motherhood. For the next two years I co-produced and performed in the Austin shows.

The tone of my work has been described as “refreshingly grateful.”