Happy Monday

“Tomorrow is Tuesday? Game Day? Today at school I’m going to run extra hard so I will be tired and fall asleep early so tomorrow will come faster!” May we all bring this much enthusiasm to the week ahead!  

The Standoff

The 6-year-old vs. The Black Bean

Run with joy

  For months my 10 year-old son and I had been battling too much. Nothing dramatic, just a steady, exhausting cycle of nagging/ignoring, cajoling/sighing, yelling/yelling, then crying/crying. There were all the predictable triggers: homework, chores, screen time. Every day I practiced complaining about dirty shoes on the sofa and Minecraft on the computer, and he practiced scowling and stomping. We…

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First Days

Today my oldest child started middle school and my youngest started kindergarten. Go ahead and ask me how I’m doing. If you were here in person you wouldn’t have to ask because my red, blotchy eyes say it all. My middle child, however, is earning Golden Boy status because the only mama drama he has generated lately are tears of…

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Boys Allowed

After last week’s piece about my daughter’s book club, I received numerous “What about the boys??” questions. Good questions with simple answers… My 5-year-old is too young for a book club. When he thinks of reading it is all about snuggling and hearing a great story. This summer he has been devouring the Magic Treehouse series. Which means Hubs and…

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“Mom, I don’t want to play another sport until spring soccer season. I’ve already got plenty to do, what with my biking, my drawing, my homework, my complaining about homework…” Scheduling is a bitch, eh?

Keep calm and party on

Remember those several minutes at the party store? The ones in between choosing party favors and picking up balloons? Remember how we walked by the rows and rows of crazy hats and of course had to try on every last one? Remember how each hat solicited a ridiculous accent: an Arrghh matey or a Take me to your master or…

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The Birthday Wish

It only comes once a year…better make it a good one. *     *     * More birthday treats from years past… 39 years + 364 days, but who’s counting? On Being Nine 10 Truths About Hosting Your Daughter’s First Slumber Party


Today I found this drawing during a marathon cleaning spree in which I sorted through mountains of kid artwork, school papers and various other junk that has been collecting for months. A year if I’m completely honest. And by “sorted” I mean actually removing rather than just moving the mountains. The marathon was made entirely possible by the fact that…

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Divide and conquer

For all my belief in the power of siblinghood, I do realize that a little goes a long way. And sometimes the very best thing I can do to help my kids get along is to separate them. The best part? When I subtract the refereeing, the negotiating, the juggling…I’m able to add more “Sure! Why not?” And suddenly the…

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