greenieToday I found this drawing during a marathon cleaning spree in which I sorted through mountains of kid artwork, school papers and various other junk that has been collecting for months. A year if I’m completely honest. And by “sorted” I mean actually removing rather than just moving the mountains. The marathon was made entirely possible by the fact that the kids are spending the week away with their grandparents. I love a good purge and am happy to report that a.) I can now see the entire floor of my office and b.) Nothing was living underneath the piles.

A week ago I might have interpreted this little scrap of green paper with a raised eyebrow and a flash of concern. I might have tucked away the lightsabers (out of sight, out of mind) or accidentally broken the stick that has become The Best Shooter Gun ever. These weapons! I can’t escape them. Yes, it’s a natural phase for boys. And yes, we do our best to keep their play focused on imagination, not violence. But still, enough with all the blasting, shooting, killing and lasering. I cannot take another bit of it.

But that would have been me last week.

This week, I stumbled across the drawing and immediately thought, “Oh my sweet boy! Are you sending me a hug from afar? I miss and love you too!”

Sometimes a little distance is all we need.


  1. This is so true. I tell my now two teen sons to step away for awhile. I’ll prove to them that it works. I’ll suggest a run, or a work out, or time away at a movie. They come back, and it’s different. I wish I would have known this so very many years ago.

  2. A week with the kids at grandma’s would be the only way I’d be able to go through the same mountain of papers at my house. Too bad I’m going to accompany the kids and stay there too!

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