2014.02.beach I’m thrilled to unveil my new site!

The goal was to streamline my work and put all my passions under one roof. So here we are, all shiny and new…

Above all, the new digs will still be a place to find the humor and grace in everyday life. I will continue to blog, but will also update you on other writing and photography projects I’m pursuing.

One of those is my brand-new etsy shop! I’m selling images from my Word on the Street series, which captures the wit and whimsy of urban graffiti and turns it into sleek, modern works of art.

I would love for us to stay in touch! Please subscribe to my feed, find me on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook. Note that I’ll soon close down the Peace, Love and Guacamole page on Facebook. For simplicity’s sake, I will be maintaining only one FB presence.

I’m really excited about this new space! I hope you’ll look around let me know what you think. And of course, come back often.




  1. Wow – this new pad is GORGEOUS. Seriously, you hit it out of the park.

    Cheers and congrats to you.

    Can’t wait to stay in touch through this lovely new portal.

    Take care and talk soon.


    • Thank you, Anna!! Please DO stay in touch. (If you were a subscriber before, you’ll need to resubscribe. I’m complicated like that.)
      Hope you are doing well,

  2. I love your new place!!

    Just checked out your easy shop and it looks great!

    So excited for you and for what the future holds….

    • Thanks Alexandra! That’s a curious idea…maybe so. It definitely was a process, but my designer made it easy. The hard part was figuring out what I wanted to do big-picture-wise. Honestly I’m still figuring that out. :))

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