So I cleaned up my phone this past weekend and downloaded a mere 2,257 photos to my computer. No big deal…the downloading and sorting and nonsense only required a few lifetimes during critical REM sleep time.

But besides that, it was fun to scroll through the sheer randomness of so many everyday moments. Some of them have been shared here or on Instagram, but most were simply filed away in my Daily Life folder…the one that is bursting at its digital seams. As I scanned through the pack of images I realized I had not created a Rhetorical Questions post in quite a awhile. We are long overdue, right? Wait, don’t answer that!

*     *     *

Should I hate myself for loving you? Do we give love a bad name?


How do you really feel about it?2013.10.iPhoneToSort-6585


Do boys ever outgrow this?

How can she really be my daughter?

When will I shut up about my blender?

Seriously, how many times can she re-read this?

What’s not to love about this phase?

How are we going to make it until Halloween?

Hello? Hellooo? Can you hear me??

Final question…
You want to check out previous volumes of my Rhetorical Questions, don’t you?

*     *     *


  1. This is great! No! They will never outgrow it. ;) When I’m at the store by myself and in an empty aisle, I will occasionally do the run and hop up on cart and ride it to the end maneuver. Your sleeping pup – swoon – love that.

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