“Mom, did you know that I know what all the bleeped words are on the radio?”
“Mrs. McGuire, what does promiscuous mean?”
“Anachronistic?? No, I don’t know what it means but I love the word already!”
“What’s your definition of soon?”
“Ugh! We’ll see always means No.”
“Mama, you said I’m articulate? But I do NOT like being tickled.”
“Dad, there’s your funny and there’s our funny.”
“Do we still call it homework if we’re doing it on the bus and in the car?”

*     *     *

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  1. “Daddy why is it called a penis? It is stupid…. ”
    “They build the pyramids how long ago? Oh, and was that when you where a little kid…”
    “Mom, why are your boobs bigger then those of X’s mom?” (this one was asked while waiting at the butcher’s)

  2. “Wait, is it the London Blitz? Or the London Blintz?” That will never be topped, as far as I’m concerned. I picture London blanketed with delicious rolled crepes during WW2. How different things might have been.

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