IMG_5086 (1)So, my pals and I are doing another blog hop. Yay! You might remember the last one, where I bravely shared a photo of myself from 1992 wearing, as someone pointed out, “Mom jeans before I was even a Mom.”

This time we’re discussing The worst meal I ever cooked and served to loved ones. I feel sure my funny friends will come up with compelling and hilarious stories, but I gotta be honest with you…this is a tough topic for me. Certainly not because I do or don’t cook terrible meals. But because it’s Thursday and hello I have hardly any remaining brain capacity to think about mealtime topics. I’m simply maxed out for the week. My weekly allotted Think About Food time was spent on panicked meal planning, high-speed grocery shopping, pre-dinner interrogations, dinnertime whining, and morning cajoling. There’s precious little energy remaining to wonder how the meal ranked on my family’s Yum Scale.

I am quite confident everyone has stirred around eaten what was on their plates and that what they avoided ate was as healthy as possible. But beyond that, I couldn’t possibly tell you how it falls on their radar.

Call me callous or lazy, but this is where things stand right now in our house. We are all about simplicity nowadays. In fact, I adopted a Family Mealtime Mantra just to keep us all on the same page. Thanks to inspiration from Michael Pollan’s famous quote I’ve come up with these words to live by:

“Cook food. Not too much. Mostly edible.”

*     *     *

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  1. I have a little white board in my kitchen, and I’ve started rough menu planning so that I don’t have to answer the question on the fly, and so I can be better prepared at the grocery store. I am NOT very organized, so it’s a struggle for me! We eat out 2-3 nights a week, too. Wed is burgers and fries, Friday is pizza at Brooklyn Pie, and Saturday or Sunday is something else. Tonight is LEFTOVERS. :)

  2. I like that quote. I’m going to remember and use that quote. It’s getting tougher and tougher these days to satisfy the picky eaters in my house. There’s a short list of stuff they’ll eat and I’m feeling like a short order cook with a short temper. In short – edible is the answer!

  3. I have really started to loathe meal planning and list making. I just think that making a real meal all the time when you have little kids running around is overrated! We still all sit together, but some nights I just don’t have it in me to cook.

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