Hey y’all. How are ya? Raise your hand if you know who Tami Taylor is. Oh good. And if you know her, you love her, right? There’s really no other way.

When I meet women who don’t know Tami Taylor, I feel for them. I’m not sure how they are getting by in this world without her wisdom and grace. Hell, I can barely fathom what kind of wife and mother I will become now that I won’t see her every Friday night. Because y’all? Tami Taylor calls it like she sees it. She knows when to be tough and when to be tender. She welcomes people into her world even when it’s not convenient. She knows how to be heard without saying a word. And hello? She’s gorgeous, y’all.

Remember the episode where Coach caught Julie and Matt in bed together? Holy crap, right? The resulting conversation between Tami and Julie is permanently DVR’d on my brain for the day (Lord help me) when I might be in a similar situation with my kids.

And y’all, that was just one brilliant moment of hundreds, right?

So to help me channel Tami’s impeccable judgment during my personal moments of doubt, I’ve adopted a new mantra: WWTTD?

What do y’all think? Well I think the first thing Tami would do, y’all, is share the love. So, I have bumper stickers to share!

If you email me your address, I will happily send you a WWTTD? bumper sticker like the one on the back of my car. Why? Because Tami would, y’all. And all I ask in exchange is that you share the love, too…Leave me a comment or subscribe to my site or send my blog to a friend or follow me on Twitter.  Pretty easy, right? Tami would do it.

And one more treat: Check out this link of Tami uttering one of her favorite words, again and again. Y’all, it’s awesome!

(Also, don’t worry for a second that I’m going to send you any junk mail or sell this list to those annoying door-to-door magazine guys. I swear I don’t have time for any of that nonsense. Neither does Tami.)


  1. Feeling a bit out of the loop, lame, etc. I don’t know who Tami is. I had to click on the link to be informed. I have never, no never, ever ever seen one second of this show. I have no idea what is about except maybe football? (ducking under the covers to hide my face.)

      • That is so true! I just got into Netflxing Friday Night Lights this summer even though I’m not crazy about football. BEST SHOW EVER. Tami and Kyle (forgetting his screen name) portray the most realistic, adorable, up and downy married peeps in the history of cinema. I’ll have to pass on the bumper stick but LOVED your post and also the name of your blog. I think we could be Blog BFF’s… Check out our “Dear Gerry” post at http://www.laughingattheground.com/2011/10/dear-gerry.html

  2. I just saw Heather of the EO tweet about this bumper sticker and I love it! My husband and I are watching FNL via Netflix right now and just watched the episode when Matt Saracen’s dad dies and Tami steps up as usual to help him plan the funeral. Amazing character, amazing performance, amazing show!

    Is it too late to get a bumper sticker? :)

  3. Don’t know if you are still sending these out but I would love two please. One for me and one for my sister but not sure how to email you. thanks.

  4. I just watched the first 4 seasons of FNL in 3 days. I don’t know if I can bear to watch the final season right now so I am taking a little break. My 43 year old daughter is going to start it next week. I told her I would wait for Season 5 and we can watch them together. I told her to bring the kleenex!

    And I’m a 64 year old Man!

    I would love a WWTTD bumper sticker if you still have any and if not love your blog!

  5. I have a friend who just started a new counseling job and could use some Tami Taylor inspiration to get her through some tough adjustments! We are both OBSESSED with Friday Night Lights and all things Tami Taylor!

    • Ditto! Deacon is pretty damn wonderful, but somehow I keep looking for the guy in the khaki shorts and sunglasses.

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