Turns out that of the many provocative phrases my toddler has learned from his older siblings, “butt fart” is not the most offensive to my ears.

I’d take it any day over this one: “Not fair, Mama! Not fair!”


  1. The current favorite in our house is: “big fat butt!!” It’s so popular that it has turned into a game which entails Curtis and Axel attacking each other and rolling around on the floor. I tried to intervene initially (surely, that hurt!) but then I realized it’s better for all parties if I just leave the room and close my ears.

  2. Loved your photos of Colorado. Henry is getting too big & smart-he knows exactly when to turn on the charm. Hope to hug all three very soon.

  3. Specificity. I like it.

    We are caught in the Wayne’s World mindset here, as in, “Thanks a pantload, Chet.”

    BTW, I enjoy your blog a pantload. See? It just slips into your vocabulary when you least expect it!

    ;-) Anna

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