Today and most every day for the next week, I will be helping the biggest of my little people squeeze every last ounce out of their school year. Lately it’s all about the celebrating and the cherishing.

There is plenty to honor: great friends, creative teachers and a warm school community top the list.

Nine months ago, in celebration of beginnings, I posted three back-to-school letters. I’m going to bookend the school year by sharing them again, along with a little something-something extra.

Dear Doodlebug
Dear Rascal
Dear Ms. Preschool Teacher

As some of you locals know, my letter to Rascal was selected to be a part of the Listen to Your Mother: Austin show, a stage production that gathers local writers to celebrate Mother’s Day. The show, which took place April 30, was hosted in five cities nationwide. It was an incredible experience! The videos are now online and I would love for you to check them out and tell us what you think!


  1. I just read *all* three letters. And, as a result, can barely see the computer screen in front of me for the tears. Beautiful. And lovely. And reading this of course makes me think of my 1 and 3-and-a-half year olds and the milestones that seem to be happening daily. Your blog inspires me. In so many different ways, but mainly, to be a better person and a better mom every day. I am guessing that is an on-going part of parenthood — the striving to be better part — and every day when I drop one off at pre-school and the other begins his day with our nanny, I think through each part of the morning and how I hope what we did and played and laughed about from 6-9am helps them be strong and happy and loving throughout the day. But I digress. Really I just wanted to say that your letters are truly precious and so full of life and love and happy. Thanks for writing and sharing.

    • Wow, Malin. Thank you so so much! I’m truly touched. I’m right there with you on striving to be a better parent…I do that same daily assessment. Sometimes I come up short and make promises for the next day. Other times I take a moment to pat myself on the back and vow to replicate the good the next day. Either way, it’s all about improving and teaching the kids that we are all just trying to do our best and live our best lives. (Can you tell I’ve been soaking up the last week of Oprah? God I love that woman!) Hugs to you!

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