Yesterday we spent a perfect Easter Sunday enjoying some family time in nature’s sanctuary…

And because holidays are often about the teaching of lessons and the passing down of important family traditions, we taught the kids how to do this…

We also assured them someday they would think the photo op was hilarious. Really. It is. Don’t tell them otherwise.


  1. What a great family tradition! We have visited Enchanted Rock as a family the day after Thanksgiving almost every year…….and eaten at the Frederickburg Brewery on the way home!!!!

  2. Working on a 10-minute clip about the importance of nature in our lives – hope to have up on youtube later today – would like your permission to use the hiking photo of you and your family (would show for about 8 seconds). Would really appreciate being able to include it – thanks so much! Regards, Jeanne with Global Voices for Justice

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