When you can’t decide between superhero, Jedi or Sith Lord . . .
it’s best to cover all your bases.


  1. Love it! We have that same “light saver” — Curtis currently sleeps with that in his bed AND his talking Star Wars helmet. He would flip if he saw that crazy cool Batman shirt! :)

  2. How funny. My son’s preschool teacher just today pulled me aside to let me know that they are having some serious “light saver” issues on the playground. My son has turned to the dark side. I think it’s in his genes.

    • Yep, I think our 2yo is going to be That Kid on the playground because he already knows how to swing a lightsaber and say “Mama, fight! Fight!” And to think I didn’t let the 6yo even WATCH Star Wars until he was 5.

  3. The boys and their weapons. It is definitely in their genes. At our school they take issue with the pretend gun fighting the boys are constantly engaged in. So my son has started engaging in pretend laser battles. He tells his teacher, “It’s just a light, Ms. Teacher.” He might be missing the bigger picture.

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