When we native Texans (5th generation thankyouverymuch) are not teaching our children to hold their own in the Sauce vs. No-Sauce with Your Barbecue debate, we are traveling all over the state doing this…

1943. My mom and grandparents along Hwy. 6 in Hardeman county.

1976. My brothers and me in the same spot.

2006. My first two monkeys along Hwy. 84 in Parmer county.

2011. All three in downtown Quanah, five miles south of the Oklahoma border.

Happy trails indeed.


  1. very cool! Having never set foot in TX I was thinking it was all the same monument but I guess there must be versions in – what? every big town? every historical site? Do tell.

    • Sorry to leave you hanging on this, but omigod YES there are multiple versions of this statue. There’s one at every self-respecting border crossing. If you dare to leave the great state of Texas, you will damn sure know.

      And since you are a Texas neophyte, I will tell you that Texans love the shape of their state so much that they put it on EVERYTHING. Honest. I have a bag of Texas-shaped tortilla chips in my pantry right now. If I were the type, I could be dangling a Texas charm from my earlobes, my keychain or my mailbox. Seriously…everywhere.

      Part of the reason my family always took photos at these highway border crossings was because it cut down on all the fighting over being the First One to Cross the Border. While my unsuspecting parents drove toward the state line, my brothers and I would suddenly dive all the way from the “way-back” seat of our station wagon to the front windshield, arms extended and elbows jabbing into one another. Good times.

  2. 1943, huh? That is really cool! So where is this national monument? Because, you know, Texas was it’s own nation at one time!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that your family’s got this photo tradition. So sweet.
    P.S. I am wearing socks with my sandals right now. That’s a fashion comeback I can really get behind.

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