Family, what are you thankful for today?
Highlights from this week:

Big hugs I got at the bus stop today
Mr. Freeze
This fun cold weather
Laughing kids
My silly little brothers
That maybe the Groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow
I earned my fire shoes on Club Penguin
This nightly gratitude tradition
Our carbonite collection froze (“me too!”)
Warm house
Snow day (!!)
Hot chocolate for breakfast (!!)
Green smoothies
Breaking the world record for the largest snowball
Throwing rocks on the ice in the creek with Mom
Beautiful weather
Afternoon at the park with skates, scooters and bikes
Strawberries (Smiley’s constant gratitude makes the high price worthwhile)
Read for Trees program at the library

*     *     *

Sunday Grace, our family gratitude journal, is updated weekly.
Read the entire series here.


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