Wait, don’t answer that.

Whose crazy idea was this?

Have they become Those Kids?

Is it uncool to dress like your toddler?

Do I ever make it out of the house alone?

Do our kids get their rhythm from Hubs or me?

Should I tell them that this toy doesn’t really have a leak?

*     *     *

Did you miss the first set of rhetorical questions?


  1. Of course, I love ALL of these photos, but my fave in this bunch has to be the one of the little hand pulling down on your coat. So funny, so sweet, so motherhood-ish. Gives new meaning to the words “down coat”?

  2. Your inner youth.
    It’s a good warm look.
    Yes…but the tug never disappears.
    A little of both….more than either.
    No…makes them creative.

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