Family, what are you thankful for today?
Highlights from this week:

Smiley, the big 2-year-old
Ice skating
Doodlebug and Rascal’s spa treatments
New adventures that turn out fun
My fork
Our Christmas decorations are down–and it was quick and easy
Spinning under the Zilker Tree
Indiana Jones movies
New Year’s Day run
Mr. Magorium
nice weather today
Mumford & Sons

*     *     *

Sunday Grace, our family gratitude journal, is updated weekly.
Read the entire series here.


  1. …and to think, that up until one minute ago, I thought I was the only one thankful for Mr Magorium.

    I adore that movie. I cannot watch it without tearing up at the loveliness.

    How nice it is to meet you.

    We’ve been –I’ve been–busy donning the Florence Nightingale uniform. My 14yr old snapped his wrist sledding.


    Another good reason to move to TX.


    • And I have loved getting to know you too! You are always so supportive and enthusiastic. I look forward to more bloggy time with you in 2011!

      (Sorry about the wrist…yikes! We don’t break wrists sledding here in Austin, but we do sprain ankles playing soccer!)

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