Family, what are you thankful for today?
Highlights from this week:

Smiley’s 4-hour nap
Favorite pasta
Whatever Dad’s going to say
Club Penguin
Our real (backyard) video game
Our family
This nice dinner
Everything Dad said
New babysitters (in the neighborhood even!)
My new good hiding spot
Christmas presents are all wrapped
Three more days until Christmas!
My brother Rascal
Our fun backyard
Everything Dad is going to say
Ice skating
Peas and spoons
Indoor snowball fight
Hot chocolate
Christmas lights (“Moooor lights!”)
Special family dinner, God, and it’s almost Christmas
Christmas memories
Friends who are like family
Spy books
My French hat
Extended family that is not extended, just family

*     *     *

Sunday Grace, our family gratitude journal, is updated weekly.
Read the entire series here.

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