It’s hardly glamorous, but this is a pretty great way to spend my mornings.

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  1. Our girls are tweens now and we’ve gotten rid of all the little kid toys…EXCEPT the Thomas the Train set. We all get excited when we have little visitors to the house (boy or girl) which gives us an excuse to set it up again. Something about being down on the floor and watching them create the zoom-zoom fantasy lands in their heads is really satisfying.

    First visit to the blog, love the title, love the Sunday Grace!

  2. Oh, it’s glamorous. I was at the mall today and both children were having full-on public meltdowns. An elderly gentleman came up to me and said, “You don’t know it yet, but this will be the best time of your life. I hope you find time to appreciate it.” I, of course, had heard it before. But that he shared it with me when my children were such a mess kind of struck a chord. It didn’t prevent me from publicly asking for a bloody mary, but it did strike a chord.

  3. It sounds like some kind of group I’m supposed to belong to now that I stay at home with my kids. FOPMs meeting tomorrow at the park. Bring your latte, your kids all decked out in Mini-Boden and your cheery conversation. Or else. :-)

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