Family, what are you thankful for today?
Highlights from this week:

Our ginormous closet clean-out
My strong legs
Our “nut money” factory (translation: playing in the backyard mud)
Club Penguin
Ace of Cakes
We had Art today
Super-duper, fun, long playdate with neighbors
My wonderful family
New yarn for my “God’s eyes”
Dad working so hard
Our second Thanksgiving feast
My third Thanksgiving feast
My fourth Thanksgiving feast
Pink salad
Pop taking such good care of Granna
Trip to the zoo. (Penguins! A roaring lion! A komondo dragon!)
Family hike to Name Rock

*     *     *

Sunday Grace, our family gratitude journal, is updated weekly.
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    • KW, I would say the term “salad” is debatable, but the dish is a long- standing family tradition regardless. :)

      Mix: 1 pint cottage cheese 1 pint cool whip 1 large package orange Jello mix (dry) Then add: 1 large can crushed pineapple, drained 1-2 large can/s mandarin oranges, drained Chill

      Enjoy! Liz

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