Mama, I turn eight tomorrow. But it won’t actually happen until 1:15pm, when I was born. Right?

Technically, yes.

Well I can just hardly stand it. You know when you want something so badly that you are in pain? Real pain, Mama. I feel like that about this birthday. Have you ever felt like that?

I have. In fact, I felt just like that exactly eight years ago today. And the gift I got was even better than birthday cake.

Happy Almost Birthday, Doodlebug!

*     *     *


  1. And it seems like just yesterday that you left that training meeting at Holt because you were in early labor. How time flies!

    Happy birthday to our favorite Doodlebug.

  2. Like Mother like daughter. On the day you were born your Mom was doing some last minute shopping when she realized it was happening. Rather than head straight home she made a quick drive thru McDonald’s. Upon her arrival we headed straight for the hosiptal and the labor pains were coming at a rate of one per exit. We got her into the delivery room where I was covered with a quickly eaten quarter pounder with cheese. Twenty minutes later Doodle Bug’s Mom came into the world. Both were great days!

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