Sometimes my kids’ imagination shines so bright I need to pull out my Oakleys. Like yesterday, when they adopted yet another batch of worm pets.

As usual, the naming of new critters truly brought out their creative genius.

May I introduce:

Wormy, Squiggly, Skinny, Jumpy, Longy, Lighthead, Wigglyroo, Wigglyrooni, Jumperoo, Jumperooni, and my personal favorite: Broken-Off Taily.

*     *     *


  1. If you’d like to ever borrow some roly-polies or caterpillars, let me know. We could probably also scare your kids up a tarantula or two, and maybe a snake from our yard!

  2. Aww there’s already a special place in my compost, er I mean heart for Broken-Off taily. Do keep us posted on his (or her?) progress won’t you?

  3. That’s nice! My son has decided that the muscled plastic figure that drives his equally-plastic tow truck is actually his beloved Aunt P. I wish we all thought like this–how nutty would this world be?

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