Tucking in Doodlebug last night, I cooed. . .
“Even if I don’t say it every single night at dinnertime, I am thankful for you.
I am so so thankful for you, for Rascal, for Smiley, for Daddy, for the dogs.
I am crazy-thankful for our little family.”

She smiled. “But who are you the MOST thankful for?”

“I am thankful for all of you, sweetie. I love you all. Now, good night. Sweet dreams.”

“But wait. You always say that, but really, who are you the most thankful for, because I know that I am thankful for a lot of people but I still have my favorites.”

“Baby, I’m tired. We’ve talked about this a million times before.”

“And you never answer me.”

“Remember that book we all like so much, You’re All My Favorites? It’s just like that–no matter who is biggly or littley, girl or boy, with or without patches. All that stuff.”

“Yes, but really. You can tell me.”

I sighed, feeling more weary than charmed. “Doodle, a Mom’s heart doesn’t work that way. It stretches and grows in infinite ways with each child. I love all of you–differently but the same.”

“Ok, differently but the same.” She paused. “But who do you love the MOST?”

Exasperated, I raised my voice. “Doodlebug!”

“I KNEW it! Good night, mama!”

*     *     *


  1. Hahaha! I know! Maybe you meant it as a compliment, but seriously it’s about the least-flattering thing he owns. I fully admit it. But it sure keeps that whitey skin all covered up. :)

  2. That is one smart cookie, and a precious Oompa Loompa! But just between us, who’s really your favorite? I won’t tell…

  3. My little man is always asking who my favorite is, from a competition between hulk and ironman, to percy jackson and harry potter, even between the cat and the dog. I can never get it right and always try to back out of the answer some how. Since he is my only child, that answer at least is simple.

  4. Right now only two of the three pint sized intellects are asking questions like these. Just wait until this time next year!

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