How to encourage your son to practice math during summer vacation:

1. Leave his favorite blanket at an out-of-town location.

2. Watch him count the excruciating minutes, hours and days until its return.

*     *     *


  1. We left my kid’s coveted bear in a Dallas hotel last year and it was misery. They never did find it. Goody for us, it was a special bear only manufactured in France {thanks to whatever friend gave us the bear at our baby shower}.

    $70 later, we had a replacement bear and now our kid says he believes in God because his bear came back to him.

    so we didn’t learn any math, but did learn some religion!

  2. My boys have their dishrags ( I mean worn out tattered blankets) they still sleep with at night. They don’t want their friends to see them! LOL
    We call them their SUCKY SUCKYS!! (they only suck their thumbs while holding them).


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