Please indulge me a little cross-pollination…
The cool folks at Goodkin were kind enough to feature my kids’ bedrooms among the pages of their super stylish site. As an unapologetic HGTV-addict, I was very flattered to be included! In case you missed their posts, click below to see the full stories. And definitely browse through the rest of Goodkin’s features–they have so many fun ideas and fascinating stories about modern families. Now if only my kids’ rooms would stay this clean….





  1. I wish those were our kid rooms! They are so clutter-free! I can barely walk into Curtis’s space (even when it’s “tidy”) because of all the stuff he has amassed in just two years! I’ve subtly tried moving some things into the baby’s room (currently void of toys) but he finds it and brings it back to his own room. I LOVE the closet idea, removing the doors. We have these mirrored closets that I can’t stand, am going to try to convince hubby to take them down. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • I love the curtain “doors” too. One thing I would do differently, though, is to hang a regular curtain rod in Rascal’s room. Instead I used the Ikea cable kind because I liked the look…but it is not as strong and the kids definitely pull on it. So the cable droops, which bugs me.

  2. And it’s official: I need you to come over and help me decorate my kids’ room. I am helpless in the interior design department, but you clearly have a gift! (Can we do the rest of my house while you’re here?) :)

    • I am SURE we can work something out. Maybe a trade of sorts? I have two dogs who need daily walks, kids who need carpooling, and a desk covered in papers “to be filed yesterday.” I need an assistant! Fair trade?

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