What are you doing, buddy?
Thinking about blasting off to Mars.
Let me know if you need a to-go snack.


  1. Love it :) Such a tangent here, but speaking of snacks…. what are your favorite snacks for kids? I am in a snack rut. Totally over gold fish, yogurt tubes and cheese sticks. Dear fabulous mom of three: what are your other faves???

  2. Malin, I’m seriously flattered. You, the gourmet mama, asking ME for food advice. :)

    Some of our favorite snackies:
    rice cakes, pretzels (especially the ones w/ peanut butter), graham crackers, Special K cereal bars or TLC granola bars.

    My kids love pretty much any fruit (we go through dozens of apples each week). I’m buying lots of cantaloupe lately because all three can eat it and it travels well to the park in a tupperware.

    Carrots…I do lots of raw sticks for the biggees and I cook the round slices (from frozen) for Smiley. He even likes them cold. All three will eat peas–hot, cold or frozen. The frozen variety is actually pretty cool. They are crunchy!

    I’m also pushing cucumbers lately, but nobody is very impressed. Smiley will thankfully eat just about anything if he can dip it in hummus.

    Oh, and you mentioned yogurt tubes. When your Baby A is older, try the Happy Melt yogurt snacks. They are freeze-dried yogurt bites and awesome! C would probably like them, but they aren’t cheap and he’d probably plow through them.

    Hope that helps! Wow–who knew I had so much to say about snacks??

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