This post inspired by Momalom‘s Five for Ten project. Check it out!


  1. So so true. I love my little girl’s eyelashes too – maybe because they remind me so much of her daddy’s.

    Here via Momalom – pleasure to “meet you” and the one with the beautiful lashes. :)

  2. Liz. I love the photo. But for me, the tingles I have up my arms and into my chest? It’s not even from the photo. It’s from the title. Counting eyelashes, something we could never even do (well, not me at least, my kids never sit still long enough for anything) but something we would really want to do. Because we want to know everything about our kids. We LOVE everything about our kids. And our kids are the !!! that keeps us going. Even though they provide the most irritating of my un-!!! moments, you can’t deny the eyelashes!


    • Exactly! We just want to soak up everything and know everything about these little treasures of ours. Mine hardly sit still either, but remember when they were babies and we would gaze at them for hours? Every little inch was intoxicating.

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