When not working my part-time gig as Family Referee, I’ve been thinking about the nature of siblings. So many competing personalities and needs, all living in the same space and fighting for the same parental time, focus and energy. Sometimes it seems like they are competing for the same oxygen. The arguing, the tattling and the one-upping usually have my head exploding by 5pm.

But today…today they played gently and imaginatively in the backyard. They laughed hysterically at the dinner table. They took turns in the shower without a single grumble, glare or thrown elbow. They shared hugs and whispered “Night-Night” to each other.

So what I want to remember today and forever is simple:

When it is good, it is so good. It is unbelievably good. And it is so much more than I could have wished for them.


  1. This gave me goose-bumps and made me want to cry, simultaneously. Cry a good kind of cry. Even though I’ve only been the mamma of two for 2.5 weeks, I totally get this. It’s so true. It’s why we do what we do. Which clearly leads me to: I should quit my job and just be a mom! Hmmm … maybe I should run that one by hubby first ;)

  2. Beautiful and true.

    Thank you also for introducing me to the term “sibling revelry”. I love that.

    But what do you mean “part-time gig”? ;)

  3. The memories are mostly that simple, aren’t they? When it is good, it is simple. When it is simple, it is good. I looked at my middle child today for about 20 seconds while he fiddled with something. Though I’ve glanced that face a million times before, I told myself that this was it…my life, and what it’s all about. A face. A moment. Something as simple as glancing my son’s profile and watching him fiddle around.

    I know. It makes no sense. There are no details other than that glance and that fiddle. But to me it fits perfectly with what you are saying. :)

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