I know, I know…they are charming or trendy or practical or educational, but still, they make my list.

10 Things I Like in Theory More Than in Reality:

1.  Farmers markets
2.  Small purses
3.  Running 800s
4.  Hot baths (also, hot tubs)
5.  Ballet flats
6.  Fairs of almost any variety
7.  Belts
8.  Playmobil sets
9.  Running with a baby jogger (or a dog)
10. Pie

What’s on your list?


  1. Seconding farmer’s markets and baths. I always think I will like them, but then I get there (or in it) and I don’t. Adding plane trips, getting my haircut, shopping. Pretty much anything girly. I know I should like all those things, but I hate them.

  2. Baths, for sure! I’ll add:

    – craft shows
    – having a yard sale
    – any new facial product guaranteed to take years off of your face
    – Slip ‘N Slides
    – cookie jars (stale cookies and the idea that young children’s handling of it won’t chip it)

  3. Converse All-Stars – I think they’re very cool, but they make my feet look even bigger than they are.

    Margaritas – they always taste really good for the first few sips, but then the fun wears off.

    Twinkies – they taste better in my memory than they do in reality.

  4. Radishes. Scratch that — I don’t even like them in theory.

    Sadly, I’ve found that napping on the beach often makes my list. Sand flies — and sand in my suit — inevitably make me itch, which really affects my ability to relax.

    Ditto hammocks — at least the woven rope kind. Still haven’t mastered getting comfortable in them.

  5. Wow, y’all are really on a roll here. Ditto on the hammocks. Besides the comfort thing, unless you have two perfect trees, they often look clunky and awkward in your backyard.

  6. Okay, I gave it some thought and the things I like better in theory than reality are:

    1) mac-n-cheese,
    2) exercise (I wish I would fall in love with it, like pie!),
    3) any kind of bubble top or dress (they don’t make anyone’s booty look good!),
    4) The journey (versus the destination), &
    5) DIY home improvements (because I am THE worst!)
    That’s all I’ve got for now!

    • #4 made me laugh…because seriously, we all know we’re supposed to enjoy the journey blah blah blah, but who doesn’t just want to just GET THERE.

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