Parenting experts say it can take a child 100 times to hear a lesson before the message really sticks. Wow. Ok then. So as far as the beloved toilet brush goes, I’m 33 down…and only 67 to go!


  1. Elizabeth has those same jammies!

    And I feel the same way about her and the kitchen garbage can. She loves playing in it so much that I have to put it on the kitchen table just so I can get things done in the morning. Otherwise I spend all my time dragging her away while she screams.

  2. Ew, right? My two year old often wanders out of the bathroom with the brush and I just want to run away screaming…but instead, what do we have to do? Grab him and IT and separate while saying NO and teaching another darn lesson…for the eleventy-billionth time!

  3. I told your older brother one time to never ever touch it again………………………………and he hasn’t.

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