I’m all for teaching responsibility and empowerment, but I swear I’m gonna lose it if I hear this retort one more time:

“Mama, YOU are not in charge of me…I am in charge of myself! I learned that at school, so it’s true!”

What other crazy ideas are your teachers giving you??


  1. that there is nothing that is wrong…as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else…
    I’ll tell you something…I DEBRIEF my kids DAILY…they are not the state’s children, after all, but MINE!
    Makes me miss the homeschool days…

  2. Oh my goodness…YES!

    My 7-year-old has a HUGE fondness for the expression: “You’re not the BOSS of me!”

    I cannot stand it. I absolutely abhor it. I want to strangle the little sonofagun when he says it. Not only that, but he’s teaching it to his little brothers! NO!

    I love sending him off to school everyday, but I could totally do without these lessons learned.

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