The Sibling Revelry Project

The sibling dynamic has always fascinated me…I’ve talked about it, read about it, written about it, photographed about it, hashtagged about it, you name it. As long as I can remember it’s been a topic that resonated on a very deep level with me. (Typical Middle Child/Only Girl behavior? Hello observant, empathetic negotiator.) When my husband and I started a…

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Three cheers

Happy Father’s Day to our hunter, our gatherer, our sunscreen slatherer. We love you!      

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Need I say more? My friends and I are all riffing on the same theme today… Go visit their blogs and see what kind of brilliance and hilarity they found in hindsight. Two Cannoli Genie in a Blog Smacksy Good Day Regular People My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog The Mama Bird Diaries Midlife Mixtape When Did I Get…

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On the job

I’m speaking at Career Day…I can only assume that the professional athletes, filmmakers and zookeeper parents were unavailable for this particular day.


    This is Judith and her beautiful friend Prima. For years Judith and I have crossed paths during Saturday runs along the Barton Creek Greenbelt. We wave, exchange a few friendly words, and sometimes stop to pet her aging greyhounds, who always trail behind as she darts swiftly over roots and rocks. Judith is perpetually bright and smiling. She…

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Peace and joy and other favorites

I hope this time of year brings you many words of joy. Words like… No assembly required Dishwasher safe Batteries included One size fits all And also, I love you Please Thank you Hooray I love it Yes No thank you See you soon It’s perfect You’re welcome Come over I remember I love you, too Thank you for reading…

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Like a lot of families, we try to incorporate volunteering into our lives–to support our community and to teach our kids by example. As a family we have done countless school fundraisers and charity races. We’ve collected blankets for animals and coats for kids. We’ve hosted bake sales for needy families and planted trees for needy parks. Every one of…

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Optimism in Overdrive

Parenting requires a huge dose of optimism. Who else but the glass-half-full crowd would dare bring children into a world fraught with injustices, Kardashians and high-fructose syrup? It can be an uphill battle to keep focused on the bright side. I have a naturally Pollyanna personality, but I still need frequent reminders to help stay the course. I seek them…

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Business expenses

So, I’ve been a freelance writer for 18 years, which means the last time I wore “office clothes” was back in the Ally McBeal years. I’ve grown quite happy with my home-office uniform of t-shirt, jeans and flip flops. When I have a meeting, I throw on a nice shirt and boots, then I actually blow-dry my hair. You know,…

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Back to School Reboot

Well hey it’s back to school and I don’t know about you, but our first week lasted approximately 87 days. Or so it seems. Every year the optimist in me approaches the new school year with enthusiasm, and by the first Friday I want to stab my eyes out with the kids’ freshly sharpened pencils. Transitions are fun like that….

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