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So I cleaned up my phone this past weekend and downloaded a mere 2,257 photos to my computer. No big deal…the downloading and sorting and nonsense only required a few lifetimes during critical REM sleep time. But besides that, it was fun to scroll through the sheer randomness of so many everyday moments. Some of […]

Wait, don’t answer that! * Should I offer him a biscuit for waiting so patiently? * Could the force be any stronger with this pediatrician? * Is this what the experts mean by parallel play? * Right foot blue…left elbow and belly yellow? * Does a map of your home state command this much respect? […]

Wait, don’t answer that! Who knew that irony could clock 65mph? * Should I be worried or relieved that someone put the helmet on Smiley? * I was only gone an hour…How could you miss me that much? * Now where did I put my red hat? * Would it kill you to let him […]

Wait, don’t answer that! Should I be grateful that the hand is signing love and not flipping me off? * My neighbor found this passed over the fence. What’s Rascal up to this time? * How could I resist this face? * Why would anyone take 137 identical photos of our living room rug? * […]

Wait, don’t answer that. Whose crazy idea was this? Have they become Those Kids? Is it uncool to dress like your toddler? Do I ever make it out of the house alone? Do our kids get their rhythm from Hubs or me? Should I tell them that this toy doesn’t really have a leak? *     […]

Wait, don’t answer that. Who is in charge of this toddler? Who happily agreed to make 100 dozen (!!) treats while Hubby was out of town? Where is Piggy? Can someone convince him that apple slices are waaaay more efficient? Is there anything funnier than animal hats? Why am I wearing this exact same outfit […]